Get Troubleshooting Tips for Optus ISP With Optus Tech Support 

These days, we cannot bear with down internet. All the work comes to a pause with a faulty or slow internet connection. Optus ISP offers high-quality services at minimum prices. It comes with a manual guide for troubleshooting. If you need any assistance over the same, you can reach for help by dialing Optus Contact Number Australia 1-800-789-560. Our Optus Tech Support team will guide you through the end to end process.

Following Are The Steps To Deal With The Probable Problem For NBN Fiber To The Premises or NBN Fixed Wireless:

  • Check for the Optus network in your reign:-  Sometimes the ISP gets down in particular areas. In that case, you can monitor the service status for further updates.
  • Restart your modem:- Turn off your modem for about two minutes and restart it again.
  • Confirm that your equipment has power:– Turn it off for fifteen seconds and then turn it back on.
  • Make sure that your NBN-NTD has a connection:– You might require removing the cover by handling two clips at the base. Pull the base cover out without force.
  • Your telephone service should be working:– Clear your account and make sure you are online.
  • Your modem should have power:– Ensure that the modem’s power cable is plugged inappropriately to the modem.

The Best Optus ISP/NBN Rescue At Optus Australia Contact Number 1-800-789-560

You may need to confirm a connection to the NBN-TCD for NBN fiber to the curb. Likewise, connection to the wall socket will have to be checked for NBN fiber to the basement or NBN fiber to the node.

For further details, you can contact by dialing Optus Internet Support Number 1-800-789-560. The experienced officials will resolve all your issues. Our Optus Tech Support team are well versed with the problems and their solutions. You can reach for help at any time on Optus Live Chat Support when Optus 1800 Number is not reachable to you.